Physical Workshops



Partner acrobatics


Referring to the summary of the group we will work with


a) a playable warm-up (rolls, body statics, pilates e.g.)

b) handstand / circle

c) partner work or 2-/3some-figures or more


-> movement experience assumed <-

Dance acrobatics


Modern dance and acrobatics - lots of material and new & creative skills for movement performances of different kinds (artistic, theatre) - also in a duet/partnering in combination with elements of contact improvisation 

Biomechanics / Stage trainings


Theatre/-biomechanics "break" the rules of life for theatre !


In basic it is the appropriate and organic change of movement skills for using on stage.

Physical rules like space noticing, rhythm, time, dynamics & expression are fixing contra points.


Target is to develop a high level of physical awareness on stage.


Workshop divides into 2 parts :

a) physical warm-up, balance,jumps

b) moving through space, along the floor, on a straight line



Workshop info : Please write me via CONTACT :O)

Workshops are 1-day-workshops, each 3-6 hrs (depends on summary of participants),

incl. a break